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This program is designed for working K-12 leaders who want to connect policy to practice and gain the practical knowledge and skills to transform their organizations and education systems.

Students will participate in a residency enabling them to interface with peers and faculty.

The program will include two (2) required D.C. residencies, encapsulated in the EDU-798 course.

1st Residency: The first residency will occur from Thursday - Sunday in Washington D.C., during the first month of Term 1. This residency will provide students with the engagement and supports needed to commit to their problem of practice and to the program. This begins with the opportunity to work face-to-face with their professors and peers, specifically in their first term courses. Presentations from academic resources and supports offered throughout their program will assist students with navigating the tools needed to be successful in their composition of a dissertation. The end of the residency will conclude with a presentation of their problem of practice.

2nd Residency: The second residency will occur from Thursday - Sunday in Washington D.C. during the beginning of Term 4 and will include an opportunity for education system leaders to present their own problem of practice to graduate students to demonstrate the variety of methodological approaches to educational inquiry. Breakout sessions will include a review of research methodologies, designated time to prepare for Internal Review Board (IRB) clearance, and preparation for students defense of their proposals.