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Yes. American University’s online MAT program (MAT online) is CAEP-accredited and designed for individuals who have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in obtaining a teaching license in elementary education (grades 1-6).

Our students channel their talents and the skills they’ve developed in the program into a wide variety of career roles, including classroom teachers, learning specialists, professors, adult educators, bilingual teachers, tutors, researchers, program heads, policy makers, arts coordinators, curriculum specialists, and educational game designers.

Within six months of completing their programs, 93% of American University’s College of Arts and Sciences graduates are working, continuing their education, or both. Though American University cannot guarantee employment after graduation, we do everything we can through our career services programs to help students identify the right career pathways and opportunities for them.

We do not require from our applicants any specific set of prior degrees or experiences, in an educational field or otherwise. We value a wide range of backgrounds in the applicants we ultimately accept. If our social mission resonates with you, and you value the flexibility of the online format, we encourage you to apply.

American University’s online MAT program finds a firm foundation in the democratic ideals that our institution holds dear. With that foundation in mind, the program is grounded in four principles, which influence everything from course design to encouraged collaborations to the projects and organizations we partner with. Those principles are equity, community, diversity, and excellence.

Students enrolled in the online Master of Arts in Teaching can expect an emphasis in cultural competency and diverse perspectives, an interesting and progressive curriculum, a focus on cultivating community among students (no matter where they might be based), and faculty members who are leaders in their fields.

The majority of students complete the online Master of Arts in Teaching in two years.

Hands-on experience is a crucial element in all of American University’s College of Arts and Sciences programs.

In the online Master of Arts in Teaching program, you will obtain over 600 hours of hands-on classroom experience. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are paired with a high-quality teacher near you.

You will observe the teacher with whom you are paired, and under the teacher’s supervision, you will gradually begin to plan and teach lessons, eventually “taking over” the classroom during the second half of the field experience. The field experience spans two semesters: practicum and student teaching. Coursework throughout the program, starting from the very first day, is designed to prepare you for your time in the classroom.

This program meets the requirements for professional teaching licensure in Elementary Education (Grades 1-6) in Washington D.C. American University cannot guarantee whether the program meets requirements for professional licensure in any other states. American University recommends that you consult with the appropriate licensing agency or board in the state or territory for which you seek to obtain licensure prior to beginning your course of study.