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At American University’s School of Education, we understand that future and current educators and tomorrow’s pioneers of education policy are looking for master’s degree program online that blend flexibility and cutting-edge curriculum. That’s why we designed our online master’s programs around asynchronous coursework that can be completed on your own time in concert with weekly live (virtual) sessions designed to create community.

Live Sessions Creates a Unique Learning Experience for Online Education

While students have the opportunity to focus on coursework at their own time and around their busy schedule, American University’s School of Education also values the classroom experience. When a student enters one of AU’s online masters’ programs, they can expect to be part of weekly live sessions (synchronous coursework), which take place in the Zoom platform. As with any course that meets regularly, dates and times of live sessions are shared with students as early as possible to ensure they can attend. These sessions are highly interactive and, therefore, also an important and enjoyable part of the curriculum and instructional preparation.

Live sessions are approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes in length, and they use a flipped classroom approach, focusing on the application of knowledge and skills gained during the asynchronous course components, discussions, and case follow-ups.

Our faculty uses a portion of these sessions to answer questions and clarify confusing or difficult concepts, but the bulk of this time is spent on student-centered activities. During this synchronous time, our graduate students participate in group discussions, breakout sessions, class presentations, debates, and other active learning experiences. Plus, students will have a chance to get to know and engage with faculty and fellow students in the learning experience, first through video introductions and ongoing with familiar social tools like messaging, chat, and notifications. Our learning environment puts the student first.

People in a online call
People in a online call watching a video about teaching children

Interactive Coursework

Our combination of innovative technology, a carefully considered curriculum, and active partnerships fully prepares students to be the world-changing teachers they set out to be. Because we keep our program size small, we can encourage a supportive and individually tailored learning environment for our students so that they can fully take advantage of our program across its facets. We’re in the business of helping our students build a better society, and we know that starts with a rich graduate learning environment.

Our learning management system (LMS), Canvas, serves as students’ centralized hub for all course content and activities. Think of it as the online equivalent of a traditional classroom environment. Our graduate students use this system to manage everything from course syllabi, expectations, and tasks to materials, grading requirements, schedules, and communication with instructors and peers. Our LMS was built to be easy for everyone, anytime, anywhere, and to provide a rich and interactive online learning experience for our students.

We need you to raise your hand and say you’re committed to changing education and providing equal opportunities for all students. Once you answer that call to action, our classes will be there to provide the ideal learning environment to help you succeed.