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The programs within American University’s Online School of Education make use of mutually supporting technology, pedagogy, and hands-on learning experiences so that our students are prepared to enter their future workplaces with the strong confidence and skills necessary to thrive as educators. Our programs are small and intimate, which allows us to foster a supportive and personalized learning environment for each student. Students graduate from our online classrooms with a network of faculty and peer connections that provides a strong complement to the skills, feedback, and real-world applications the programs offer.

Students can expect personalized attention at every step of the way as they pursue their coursework and fieldwork experiences in AU’s Online School of Education. This is just one benefit of our intimate learning environment and low student-to-instructor ratio. We offer 247 tech support and virtual open-office hours so that students are sure to get the support they need from faculty.

We also understand the importance of developing lasting working and personal relationships with fellow students and future educators. For this reason, our online education programs have always emphasized group work, collaboration, and a feeling of intimacy within our online classrooms.