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—Kate Stephansky, AU graduate, Learning Center Coordinator, John F. Kennedy High School, Silver Spring, MD

American University provided me a strong foundation of skills that I use to everyday. First of all, I was able to build on my belief that students can learn; our job as teachers is to find a way to support learning by teaching to their strengths and help build intrinsic motivation. Second, always start where a student is—not where we think they are or where they should be. The clinical support and excellent classes were a vital part of my own hands-on experience of bringing special education theory to life.

Online Master of Arts in Special Education: Learning Disabilities

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With an online master of arts (MA) in special education: learning disabilities from American University, graduates are able to apply knowledge and skills of evidence-based practice and neurodevelopment to support all learners. In partnership with The Lab School of Washington, students in our online and on-the-ground programs are able to engage all learners in creative, multi-sensory, and hands-on experiential instruction.


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There is a desperate need in the US and around the world for dedicated special education professionals— innovative experts who collaborate with teachers, parents, and other professions to encourage the developmental needs of students with a variety of learning challenges.

With access to faculty who have worked for places like the Department of Education or consulted with the Obama administration's Reach Higher Initiative, graduates of the SPED program are prepared to join an alumni network who are blending clinical techniques with art and play to ignite the passion of learning in all students.

  • Earn your degree in two years
  • Student teaching completed in each student's home state
  • Accredited by CAEP
  • No previous background in education is necessary
  • Join alumni changing lives in as faraway places such as South Africa
  • Gain hands-on experience through consultancy projects in education organizations