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Why an Online Graduate Degree from American University?

Program Details

  • Earn your degree in two years
  • Student teaching completed in each student's home state
  • No previous background in education is necessary

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Principal Liz Whisnant of Mann Elementary School on her experiences with AU student teachers.

"I love to hire AU grads, because I see them in our community as learners, and I try to hire individuals who are in that learning stance. In my experience, the teachers who have come from AU understand that they are at the beginning of what is a long trajectory of learning. They are ready to put in the work to take the journey."

Online Education Masters Programs

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The online master’s degree programs from American University’s School of Education allows you to do meaningful work inside and outside of the classroom that inspires the next generation of students to solve society’s biggest problems.

To learn how to build your future around transforming education and inspiring social change, choose from our online degree programs from American University’s School of Education:

According to the Learning Policy Institute, US classrooms were short approximately 60,000 teachers last year, and they predict a need of 100,000 teachers by 2018. AU’s online faculty believe pursuing an education isn't simply about attaining a degree that places individuals on a path to acquire a job; we believe it's an essential step to improve our democracy and society by creating dedicated teachers and education professionals to level the playing field in education.


Start changing lives today.


Find a degree to help you inspire future generations of students.

  • Master of Arts (MA) in Special Education
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Teaching
  • M.Ed. in Education Policy and Leadership

Online MA in Teaching

  • Earn your degree in two years
  • Learn how to write and implement education policy

Online M.Ed.

Online MA in Special Education

  • Earn your degree in two years
  • Benefit from innovative partnerships with The Lab School of Washington, Teach for America, and more