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We offer three top-notch programs through American University’s Online School of Education: the online Master of Arts in Teaching, the online Master of Education in Education Policy and Leadership, and the online Doctorate in Education.

Each program’s curriculum is rooted in American University’s long-held belief that a better society will follow with a better, more equitable educational system. All of our pedagogical frameworks, innovative partnerships, and evidence-based clinical trainings are established with this foundation of social change.

We do not require from our applicants any specific set of prior degrees or experiences, in an educational field or otherwise. We value a wide range of backgrounds in the applicants we ultimately accept. If our social mission resonates with you, and you value the flexibility of the online format, we encourage you to apply.

Yes—the Masters in Teaching program includes in-person fieldwork. We consider hands-on fieldwork experience to be an integral part of each of these programs. As with every other part of the online experience, we also value flexibility and a learning environment that fits your life, which is why we work with you to find fieldwork opportunities—near your home.

In addition, students enrolled in our EdD in Education Policy and Leadership program will connect with peers and faculty during two extended-weekend residencies in Washington D.C. Both residencies take place Thursday through Sunday, and allow for in-person support around requirements of the program and profession.

Yes. Occasionally, we encounter the misconception that friendships and peer networks don’t have room to form in the online format. At AU, we know that this isn’t true, and we recognize the importance of fostering these connections in institutions of higher education.

In our online School of Education classes, students collaborate on projects, engage in structured debates, participate in forum discussions, and, eventually, participate in a thriving alumni network.

Yes. Each of the programs in our online School of Education has a low student-to-professor ratio so that courses remain intimate and faculty members can still be responsive to each student.

Professors are accessible via virtual office hours, email, phone, or online discussion forums.

We offer each student a host of services to ensure that he or she is as prepared as possible when it’s time to conduct a job search. Students can take advantage of personal career counselors and job search databases.