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Edit Khatchatryan

Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Professional headshot of AU EdD Faculty Edit Khatchatryan


Edit Khachatryan is an improvement facilitator, researcher, and educator with a mission to create lasting educational improvements by facilitating and strengthening collaborative learning among educators. In order to truly address educational disparities and ensure sustainable change for our most vulnerable students, Edit believes that we must invest in accessing and utilizing both research and practitioner expertise within our system. She recently founded Sovoroom, an organization committed to supporting continuous improvement though professional development, research, and strategy development.

Edit was most recently an associate at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, supporting organizations to utilize improvement science methodologies to address persistent problems in education. She taught and coached members of networked improvement communities (NICs) to utilize improvement science tools to understand a problem, develop a theory of improvement, and conduct inquiry cycles across different contexts to learn and make improvements on the problem. Edit recently co-authored an article with Emma Parkerson on how to organize the social dimensions of school improvement in Kappan magazine.

Edit started her career in education as a high school history, government, and economics teacher, serving students in the Los Angeles and Glendale Unified School Districts. She cares deeply about strengthening the teaching profession and ensuring that educators have collaboration time, the necessary supports and resources, and authentic professional development opportunities. The desire to understand how to do this well led her out of the classroom to engage in federal policy at the U.S. Department of Education as a Teaching Ambassador Fellow in 2010, and then to earn her doctorate at Stanford University. Edit’s scholarly work has focused on feedback on teaching from classroom observations, teacher professional development, teacher and district leadership development, and improvement coaching. Edit holds a BA in Sociology, two master’s degrees and teaching and administrative credentials from UCLA, and a PhD in Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University.