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ITEP and Global Learning Partners

SOE’s International Training & Education Program’s (ITEP) Partnership With Global Learning Partners (GLP)

ITEP is engaged in a new partnership with a group called Global Learning Partners (GLP).

Global Learning Partners logo

GLP is a worker-owned consulting firm dedicated to promoting dialogue education for justice and peace. GLP says “We envision a world in which deep learning drives our collective wellbeing. We partner with organizations to integrate proven principles and practices of adult learning into a wide range of initiatives.” GLP was founded 25 years ago by the well-known adult educator and author Jane Vella. She worked as an adult educator and professor in Tanzania from the 1950s into the 1970s, served as a training director for several international agencies and a professor at North Carolina State University, before setting up Global Learning Partners. She has authored a series of adult education books for Jossey-Bass publishers. Dr. Vella has been a close colleague of ITEP faculty Tom Lent and Michael Gibbons for many years, and her books about adult education are used extensively in ITEP’s courses. Dr. Vella has been a guest speaker in ITEP events several times over the last 5 years and her books have inspired many ITEP graduate/practitioners. In our 2021 Gathering ITEP recognized Jane Vella for her intellectual contribution to ITEP’s training courses content and approach.

GLP offers courses in adult learning and dialogue education and certifies trainers. GLP and ITEP have agreed to support each other’s work, exchange adult learning resources and materials, and collaborate on projects. For example, our ITEP alumni are now invited to join GLP’s certified trainers’ network as a source of career development and support after graduation. GLP would like to share information with our alumni about its courses, resources and its modes of affiliation. GLP would like to advertise the ITEP Program through its network of adult educators. ITEP is thrilled to be working with an important adult education ally.

Specifically, GLP has agreed to provide first-level certification to all ITEP graduates who complete EDU 642 Training Program Design, and second-level certification for graduates who complete the Training Certificate set of courses. We would like to begin certifying such graduates in this calendar year.

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