American University’s EdD joins the Carnegie Project

October 8, 2019

American University’s EdD in Education Policy and Leadership Program has joined the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED). In collaboration with more than 115 prestigious institutions that participate in CPED, American University’s School of Education will take an active role in designing its education doctorate program. CPED provides a platform for dialogue, experimentation, critical feedback and evaluation to advance the field of education through leadership.

Benefits of CPED Participation

By joining forces with CPED, our collective work will reach farther than ever before. CPED encompasses a robust network of schools including University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, William & Mary, Boston College, Johns Hopkins University and more. Our contributions will help to further develop the CPED Framework©, a set of guiding principles that set the gold standard for innovation in the field of education. In turn, we will build our EdD program to align our instruction and program design with the rigorous framework as well.

How does CPED set the Standard?

CPED is defining education leadership, and helping to distinguish EdD graduates with a set of distinct skills. Faculty and administrators from CPED institutions come together to discuss the complex challenges that educational institutions face today. The resulting insights are standardized and disseminated across CPED-participating programs to produce well-equipped scholarly practitioners and stewards of education who are prepared to excel in leadership roles.

The CPED Framework© is ever-changing to meet the needs of education in the 21st century. The framework is built around equity, ethics, and social justice and designed to solve complex problems of practice. CPED participants come together multiple times a year to refocus their efforts toward professional development and improving PK-20 education.

As proud members of the CPED Consortium, we raise our hands to stand at the forefront of education leadership. Click here to learn more about American University’s online EdD in Education Policy and Leadership.