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EDU 703 Designing Your Problem of Practice (3)

September 8, 2022

Systems Thinking Antiracism, Research

Within this course, we will dig into the creative process of exploring various focus areas for your practitioner research. This foundational course will equip learners with the virtual and physical environments to creatively explore, use design thinking and design research, and create multiple pathways for students’ personalized study and focus. This course will enable learners to narrow their interests and identify a focus area for the duration of their doctoral studies.

We will employ a disruptive innovation lens, a design research approach, design thinking principles, and an antiracist framework to identify and narrow our emerging problems of practice. Learners will experiment with potential problems of practice and narrow their practitioner-oriented research to guide their studies. Within your third semester as doctoral students, you will experiment and build your skills, frameworks, and questions to solidify your study.

The course will include a mix of creative exercises, reading, presenting, academic research, practitioner research, writing, and writing peer groups.