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EDU 708 Building Teams & Growth Culture Practicum (3)

September 8, 2022

Personal Mastery, Systems Thinking, Antiracism

This course will explore the fundamentals of building a team culture and learning culture within an organization. We will explore the alignment and synergy between learning and efficacy; diagnose and assess the culture within our organizations; create plans for deepening a culture of learning and growth within an organization; and explore the connections between growth culture and equity. This course is meant to support the leadership development of students, provide them with theories and tools to employ in their current and future roles; and engage students in thinking about how individual and team learning intersect. Within the course, students will write reflective essays, engage in group learning simulations, and explore the ideas within their existing roles and organizations.

Through the course, students will engage in real-world teaming experiences with their EdD cohort colleagues, and they will have the opportunity to focus on applied projects within teams, supporting national organizations on existing challenges. We will also spend time during our residency weekend focused on teaming dynamics and project launch.