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EDU 734 Education Policy Analysis (3)

September 8, 2022

Policy, Systems Thinking, Strategy, Antiracism

This course will offer you the opportunity to learn and apply policy analysis tools and management science to develop and successfully implement education policy. You will analyze historical and present-day education policies from intent to implementation. The course will begin with an exploration of policy basics and frameworks, then continue an intentional path through problem identification and problem-solving to case studies and policy analysis. You will learn how policy at the federal, state, and local levels influences and impacts American PK-12 education and the issues and challenges that educators face as a result of these policies. Several policy authors will offer insight into their own experiences through guest speaker sessions.

The EdD in Education Policy and Leadership domains are: Systems Thinking, Personal Leadership, Social Justice and Antiracism, and Policy and Research. Although this course touches on all the identified domains, Education Policy and Change will place an emphasis on Policy and Research. Additionally, the competencies for the EdD program are:

  1. Personal Awareness and Mastery: The ability to understand one’s self—one’s strengths, one’s reasoning, and one’s ability to connect with others. Ability to build a learning community.
  2. Commitment to, Practice of, and Fostering in others Antiracist and Social Justice Beliefs and Action: The ability to engage in authentic conversations and action around personal, organizational, and systemic social justice and antiracism.
  3. Systems Thinking, Organizational Change and Organizational Learning: The ability to diagnose, observe, and act with knowledge of systemic variables and thinking. Ability to lead and manage systemic change efforts and learning.
  4. Research Methods, Practice, and Knowledge: Skill and competence with qualitative, developmental, and quantitative methods, analysis, and research design methods.
  5. Policy Writing, Implementation, and Navigation: Knowledge and skill of policy history, policy implementation, and political navigation.
  6. Strategy: Skill to create organizational strategic direction with a clear understanding and view of internal and external dimensions.

This course emphasizes competencies 3-6.