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EDU 765 Exercising Conscious Leadership (3)

September 8, 2022

Personal Mastery, Antiracism

Leading in today’s educational context necessitates practitioners embrace and deploy the highest versions of their whole self while engaging in the practice of leadership. Exercising this type of leadership requires a deeper consciousness of self and the roles our identity, emotions, and adult development play during the leadership process. Practicing conscious leadership balances the “being and doing” of leadership by honoring and releasing a more healed educational practitioner ready to take on the most complex education issues of our times. This course uses blogs, reflective papers, self-assessments, journals, and executive coaching to serve as the “mirror” for diagnosing students’ leadership defaults, strengths, and blind spots. Supplementing the mirror, this course utilizes diverse research, texts, and ways of knowing to provide students with a robust toolkit of self-reflective frameworks, practices, and inclusive tools that shifts mindsets, behaviors, and practices (internal and external) on behalf of creating a more just education system for all.

At the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain current issues and practices of leadership development in order to formulate a holistic view of today’s educational context
  2. Develop a comprehensive understanding of your personal leadership style, including default behaviors
  3. Apply conscious leadership concepts, practice, and theories to personal leadership strategy
  4. Examine personal change toward conscious leadership to continue enhancing leadership potential
  5. Demonstrate an ability to exercise conscious leadership within your educational context to facilitate meaningful change
  6. Recognize the role that power, identity, mindset, emotional awareness, adult development, and equity play during the leadership process