Professional Licensure Disclaimer Statement

September 20, 2022

To apply for a DC license you must:

  • Successfully pass the PRAXIS Core I and II. Please have your scores sent to American University with institution code 5007 and OSSE with code 7076.
  • Complete an online Educator Credential Application for a Regular II Teaching License. The User Guidebook that details the application process can be accessed here.

Your application should include:

  • An official copy of your undergraduate transcript. AU does not have the option for digital transcripts, so you must mail this to OSSE. Directions are in the online application.
  • A copy of your Praxis scores to be uploaded to the application system.
  • An FBI criminal background clearance. Please note that you must obtain a copy of your fingerprints (see OSSE recommendations) to be submitted to the FBI. Current DCPS employees do not need to be fingerprinted. OSSE will have access to your fingerprints once you complete your application.

For more information, visit the Licensure Information page here: